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Since 2002, the Financial Freedom Network has been a "one-stop-shop" for everything that the professional Real Estate investor needs to be successful.  We'd like you to consider becoming part of our network.

Please take a quick glance below at a few of the features our members enjoy and some info about who we are and what we do.  Then take advantage of the wonderful free gift we are offering to you.

We're constantly adding new features to stay on top of what's going on in our very dynamic industry.  Today, when the Real Estate marketplace is transitioning from a time of overly inflated values back to more normal prices, it's truly Thanksgiving every day for the truly savvy investor ... and we'd love to share our banquet with you! 

Among the features that FFN offers to its members are ...
  • Professional Grade, Completely Customizable Websites - these are provided (with world class support) for your business and your properties.  They also push your property listings to thousands of other sites immediately and direct your prospective clients to you like bees to honey.
  • Quarterly FREE (no selling allowed) Summit Conferences - We travel to regional cities with the FFN founders and staff and bring you two power-packed days of updates and hands-on education as well as great networking with your peers regionally and nationally.
  • Our Monthly Award-Winning Newsletter - Each issue is filled with new and original content designed to not only help you sharpen your skills, but also to be keenly aware of what's happening in technology and the industry as a whole.  Each of our three founders writes a significant article each month and we also gather tremendous content from other 'best of the best' authors in our industry.
  • FFN's Dealmaker's Hotline - This is just what you'd expect.  If you hit a snag along the way to closing a deal or don't know exactly how to proceed, just use the hotline and you'll get the answers you need ... fast.
  • Monthly Conference Calls & Support - the Financial Freedom Network is laser-focused on continuing your education every month and to support that effort, we make ourselves and other experts available for at least nine scheduled hours every month.  These calls include ...

    • Open Line Tuesdays - At noon (ET) Tuesday, FFN's President, Dennis Quattlebaum mans the phone line and takes your questions for an hour and half  - no selling, just answers to every question under the sun. 
    • Technology Tuesday - The last Tuesday of the month, Tim Yandell takes to the lunch shift, handling technology issues and offering Internet-savvy marketing tips.
    • Ten Minutes One-On-One With An Expert - One Tuesday afternoon each month, we provide a panel of three experts who are available for two hours to speak with you individually to solve a problem or answer a critical question.  These experts may be fellow superstar members and when time allows, Dennis Quattlebaum and Tim Yandell also take calls on these afternoons.
    • West Coast Tuesday Evening - On another Tuesday evening each month at 9:00 PM, Dennis does another Open Line Tuesday session to accomodate our west coast members.
    • FFN Interviews an Expert - Once each month, on yet another Tuesday evening, FFN interviews a leading expert in a field of interest to our members.  These topics include such areas as marketing, short sales, legal issues, rehabbing, business management, sales techniques, finances, hiring and a myriad of other topics.
    • Tech Support Team- In addition to these scheduled calls, our staff is available from 9 AM (ET) until Midnight (ET) to meet your needs and direct you to the technical and administrative resources you require to manage your business.

      Each call is also recorded and we make them immediately available online and downloadable for use on a PC, IPod, MP3 player or for burning onto a CD/DVD.
  • Forms and Agreements - We have a huge repository of forms and agreements that are always available at your fingertips for use in professionally handing your paperwork.  These cover almost anything you'd ever need to have a form or an agreement for as well as checklists and other handy documents to use for managing your business.
  • FFN's Annual Retreat at Sea - Each year, we gather the entire membership together for a 'family reunion' on a luxury cruise ship.  In fact, we invented the Real Estate Cruise!  In the past, we have taken our groups to delightful destinations in the Caribbean, the Yucatan Peninsula, Baja California and the Gulf of California and most recently to Alaska.  In 2010, we're planning to set sail again to another exotic paradise.  On these cruises, we mix education and fun and we do all our own shore excursions so in every port you get to mix and mingle with the your fellow FFN'er's. Great friendships are forged and maintained on these cruises.
  • It Really Is A 'NETWORK' - This is probably the very best aspect of FFN.  Just like the popular television commercial, FFN is truly a network of members.  We do everything we possibly can to both ensure the success of our members, but also make their lives more enjoyable and filled with rewarding experiences.  Our members do deals together and via their relationships, they are able to offer help when needed and keep each other and our whole support team up to date all the time about what's REALLY happening in our ever-changing field or endeavour.

Some Recent Testimonials From
FFN Members and Coaching Clients

No one can say it better then our members about what FFN means to them. Here's a recent sampling of some of the wonderful things they have said to us recently. It's great to know we add such value to their lives and livelihoods and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve!

"Dennis is the best! He helps me learn how to focus my energies. He shares his experiences in a manner that shows me how to not reinvent the wheel but use what is proven to work and grow my business."

Sebajoor Doss, California

"There is no better real estate education in the world. FFN is the world's best coaching organization. I cannot imagine a better leader than Dennis or a better tech guru than Tim. Thanks to both of them."

William Hebert, St. Louis, MO

"Any (real estate investor) not in FFN has to be someone who doesn't want to succeed."

Fred Jackson

"In FFN I really enjoy talking to and listening to people that are DOING Real Estate deals."

Michael Gilliam, Nashville, TN

"FFN has really kept us feeling motivated and connected to others in this business. The staff is incredible, always accessible and make you feel like family. Every time we come to an event, it is great to see familiar faces. We are continually learning from the benefits that FFN has offered."

Susan Stranahan


"I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis about 2 years ago at an FFN Quarterly Summit. I immediately recognized an individual who is personable, knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate, and, above all, possesses a real passion for helping others achieve success.

Several Summits and Open Line Tuesdays later, my growing friendship with Dennis, along with respect for his real estate related abilities, has led to my participation in Dennis’ private mentoring program.

Now 2 months into the program, I am most excited about what I’ve already learned to date and for the future prospects for growth of my real estate business. The care and concern for my well-being, along with virtually “24-7” access to Dennis, has already far exceeded my expectations.

I look forward to all future associations with Dennis Quattlebaum and the Financial Freedom Network, and highly endorse him and his programs to anyone who aspires to take a real estate business to a higher level.

Respectfully Submitted,"

Steve Rifkin, DDS

"I think Dennis is a very good teacher. He gives it to you honestly. He takes a personal interest in your success which makes you respect and appreciate his advice. I am so glad we were introduced to him."

Tisha Burns

"FFN adds the high-tech professional edge to our business as well as support weekly."

Alicia Brown

"I was very impressed with Dennis' teaching; his depth of knowledge is amazing."

Beau Ethridge, Jacksonville, FL

Of course, there's a whole lot more to FFN than listed here, but rather than make you read some massive sales letter, we'd like to just offer you a wonderful gift ... a totally FREE, no obligation 30 day trial.  We'll even set up your websites for you to use immediately so you can evaluate EVERYTHING we have to offer. 

We're so confident you'll love what we do that we are willing to make this significant investment in you, just to get you to make this simple leap of faith and try us out for free.  If you like what you see, stick around, if not just let us know and we'll cancel your membership with absolutely no hassle or obligation. 

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Pretty amazing stuff!  So ... are you willing to invest a wee bit of your time without obligation to see what we have to offer - and explode your revenue as a Real Estate Investor?  We sure hope so!

Most Sincerely,
Dennis Quattlebaum,
  FFN Founder
Tim Yandell,
  FFN Founder

... and the entire FFN staff and support team